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Here you can find all Finnish movies. New films made in Finland are added daily to our collection. Finnish movies fans will be pleased with various genres of such films: comedy, action, romance, drama, thriller... And flexible filter by year and genre will help you to select all top Finnish movies.
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Äkkilähtö movie cast and synopsis.
Bunny the Killer Thing movie cast and synopsis.
Tappajan näköinen mies movie cast and synopsis.
Supilinna Salaselts movie cast and synopsis.
Vares - Sheriffi movie cast and synopsis.
Vares - Pahan suudelma movie cast and synopsis.
Vares - Pahan suudelma (2011)
Year: 2011
Country: Finland
Director: Anders Engström

A young college student is found stabbed to death,and private detective Vares life takes an interesting turn when the girls family asks him to investigate the case.

V2 - Jäätynyt enkeli movie cast and synopsis.
Vares - Yksityisetsiva movie cast and synopsis.
Vares - Yksityisetsiva (2004)
Year: 2004
Country: Finland
Director: Aleksi Makela

Vares, a film noir comedy from Finland, is yet another twist on PULP FICTION. And, just in case we miss the similarities of splattered blood mixed with outrageous incidents, the movie explicitly references PULP FICTION and has a comedic scene in which two...

1944 movie cast and synopsis.
Nuori myllari movie cast and synopsis.
Tytto sina olet tahti movie cast and synopsis.
Tytto sina olet tahti (2005)
Year: 2005
Genre: Drama
Country: Finland
Director: Dome Karukoski

Modern finnish movie about two very different young adults that after a chance meeting end up making music together and fall in love. While Nellis parents have the perfect career and man planned, she dreams of becoming a singer. Through a chance meeting at...

Niskavuoren naiset movie cast and synopsis.
Release year: 2016 Genre: Drama Director: Tiina Lymi Cast: Veera W. Vilo Jussi Vatanen Iina Kuustonen
Tappajan näköinen mies
Tappajan näköinen mies
Release year: 2016 Genre: Crime Thriller Category: 43 Director: Lauri Nurkse Cast: Onni Tommila Krista Kosonen Samuli Edelmann
Vares - Sheriffi
Vares - Sheriffi
Release year: 2015 Genre: Crime Category: 15,21,23 Director: Hannu Salonen Cast: Antti Reini Jasper Paakkonen Mikko Kouki
Vares - Pahan suudelma
Vares - Pahan suudelma
Release year: 2011 Genre: Action Drama Crime Thriller Category: 15,21 Director: Anders Engström Cast: Antti Reini Matti Onnismaa Eppu Salminen
V2 - Jäätynyt enkeli
V2 - Jäätynyt enkeli
Release year: 2007 Genre: Action Detective Thriller Category: 21,23 Director: Aleksi Makela Cast: Juha Veijonen Hannu-Pekka Bjorkman Jussi Lampi
Release year: 2015 Genre: Military Drama Category: 32,41 Director: Elmo Nuganen Cast: Märt Pius Mait Malmsten Ain Mäeots
Nuori myllari
Nuori myllari
Release year: 1958 Genre: Comedy Director: Valentin Vaala Cast: Martti Kuningas Teija Sopanen Artturi Laakso
Niskavuoren naiset
Niskavuoren naiset
Release year: 1958 Genre: Drama Director: Valentin Vaala Cast: Emma Vaananen Teija Sopanen Hilkka Helina
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Finland is a culturally rich country with a long history, which could not affect the movies made in this country. All the work is picturesque, and the directors and actors delight viewers with natural acting. We try regularly add to our collection all new Finnish movies. If some film has interested you, you may buy DVD or watch the movie in theater.
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