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Watch only the top movies 1976 in theatres or buy them on DVD. Action, horror, comedy, kids, romantic and films of other genres can be found in our collection. Various sorting options by country, genre and IMDB rating help to select quickly all the latest and upcoming movies 1976, which were released at that year. And if you filter films by popularity then you'll get the list of good films 1976 each of which is worth watching by every true movie fan.
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Rocky movie cast and synopsis.
Rocky (1976)
Year: 1976
Genre: Action, Drama, Sports
Country: United States
Director: John G. Avildsen

When world heavyweight boxing champ Apollo Creed wants to give an unknown fighter a shot at the title as a publicity stunt, his handlers pick palooka Rocky Balboa, an uneducated collector for a Philadelphia loan shark.

Po sekretu vsemu svetu movie cast and synopsis.
Mannen pa taket movie cast and synopsis.
Mannen pa taket (1976)
Year: 1976
Genre: Action
Country: Sweden
Director: Bo Widerberg

A police officer is murdered with a bayonet while staying in hospital. The investigative team, lead by Martin Beck, soon discover that the man had frequently abused suspects as well as civilians but that any complaints had been ignored owing to the...

Mama movie cast and synopsis.
Mama (1976)
Year: 1976
Country: Romania, USSR, France
Director: Elisabeta Bostan

Mrs. Rada the Goat tells her five children to behave while she goes to the fair, and under no circumstances open the door to anyone except her. But the Big Bad Wolf, Kostika (Titi) Suru, and his nephew, the Little Bad Wolf, along with friends Rassul the...

Kogda drojit zemlya movie cast and synopsis.
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks movie cast and synopsis.
Osanda movie cast and synopsis.
L'aile ou la cuisse movie cast and synopsis.
L'aile ou la cuisse (1976)
Year: 1976
Genre: Comedy, Family
Country: France
Director: Claude Zidi

Charles Duchemin, a well-known gourmet and publisher of a famous restaurant guide, is waging a war against fast food entrepreneur Tri- catel to save the French art of cooking. After having agreed to appear on a talk show to show his skills in naming food...

L'agnese va a morire movie cast and synopsis.
Shao Lin si shi ba tung ren movie cast and synopsis.
Shao Lin si shi ba tung ren (1976)
Year: 1976
Genre: Action
Country: Hong Kong, Taiwan
Director: Joseph Kuo

During the Manchurian invasion of China, the son of the Ming Dynasty General takes refuge in the Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts, so that he may seek revenge for his dead father. But he must first endure the rigorous test of the temple's legendary 18...

Doktor Mladen movie cast and synopsis.
Romance za korunu movie cast and synopsis.
Release year: 1976 Genre: Action Drama Sports Category: 11,36 Director: John G. Avildsen Cast: Sylvester Stallone Talia Shire Burt Young
Release year: 1976 Genre: Children Comedy Musical Family Category: 61 Director: Elisabeta Bostan Cast: Lyudmila Gurchenko Mikhail Boyarsky Oleg Popov
Kogda drojit zemlya
Kogda drojit zemlya
Release year: 1976 Genre: Drama Category: 51 Director: Aleksandr Kosarev Cast: Aleksandr Belyavsky Irina Korotkova Anatoli Solovyov
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks
Release year: 1976 Genre: Thriller Category: 6 Director: Don Edmonds Cast: Dyanne Thorne Max Thayer Jerry Delony
Release year: 1976 Genre: Drama Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu Cast: Amza Pellea Gheorghe Dinica Ernest Maftei
L'aile ou la cuisse
L'aile ou la cuisse
Release year: 1976 Genre: Comedy Family Director: Claude Zidi Cast: Louis de Funes Coluche Ann Zacharias
Doktor Mladen
Doktor Mladen
Release year: 1976 Genre: Drama Director: Midhat Mutapdzic Cast: Ljuba Tadic Pavle Vujisic Ljubisa Samardzic
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